​Medical Premium Discount/Wellness Rewards

Learn how to save $18.46/week off of your medical premium discount and earn other Wellness Rewards! 

Click here to view a quick video about Wellness Rewards for the 2016/2017 plan year

Staples is making healthy steps rewarding. It all starts with completing the Personal Health Assessment (PHA) to see where you stand today and what you can do for better health.  

2016/2017 Plan year

First step - Take your Personal Health Assessment (your covered spouse must do this too!) 

Take action:

You can earn:

Complete the Personal Health Assessment (PHA) and have your covered spouse complete it. You must complete this step to be eligible for the medical premium discount and other Wellness Rewards.

Gateway to medical premium discount and up to $600 in your HSA or HRA account

If you don’t use tobacco, indicate that on your PHA. If you do use tobacco, register for a WebMD tobacco telephonic coaching program by calling 1-866-762-9940. Your covered spouse must do one of these too. 

Non-tobacco user discount in paycheck costs

$18.46 a week


Note:  You (and your covered spouse) must complete the PHA and indicate that you are a non-tobacco user or complete three coaching calls with WebMD before the discount is applied.  Discount will not be retroactive.

Your next steps

Earn additional rewards:

Reward amount:

Obtain a blood pressure reading of less than or equal to 140/90, or complete an approved alternative* (click here for more information)

Wellness Rewards in your HSA or HRA


Obtain a BMI reading of less than or equal to 30 or complete an approved alternative* (click here for more information)

Wellness Rewards in your HSA or HRA


Healthy Activities:*

Complete the "Maximizing Your Health Plan Benefits" webinar


Complete one of the following two activities:

Set and complete a WebMD Digital Health Assistant Goal OR

Complete a new WebMD Health Challenge

(visit the Wellness Rewards tab at www.webmdhealth.com/staples for additional information)

Wellness Rewards in your HSA or HRA

$200 for single coverage or $400 if covering child(ren) only


An additional $200 if your covered spouse completes the two activities too

Use a qualified, full-service fitness center or purchase specific home fitness equipment.


Attend Weight Watchers at Work or group meetings, or a hospital-based weight program (click here for more information)

Cash reimbursements

Up to $300 reimbursement for each per family — do both and get up to $600!

*Note, deadlines for completion apply. Information about alternatives and all forms can be found on the Wellness Rewards tab on www.webmdhealth.com/staples

Click here to view an on demand information session about Wellness Rewards.

Weight Watchers

To support our associates who want to lose weight or maintain a healthy diet, Staples has partnered with Weight Watchers to offer a discount of 15% off of the consumer monthly pricing to Staples associates. Weight Watchers is designed to meet your individual needs, and you can take advantage of it at local meetings or at home. Click here to learn more about discount options for Staples associates. 

Smoking Cessation

Quitting smoking has immediate and long-term benefits, reducing the risks for disease caused by smoking and improving health in general. All of the medical plans offered by Staples have a variety of low cost or no cost resources to help you quit smoking. If you do commit to being a non-smoker, you will improve your health dramatically and, as an added reward to yourself, you’ll pay less for medical coverage. Call 1-866-762-9940 or visit www.webmdhealth.com/staples to register for a tobacco coaching program and complete 3 calls.

TIP: Caremark covers certain prescriptions and nicotine replacement therapy at no cost to you.

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