​Take the Personal Health Assessment (PHA)

By completing the Personal Health Assessment (PHA), you are on your way to saving $18.46 off of the cost of your weekly medical premium and earning Wellness Rewards in your HRA or HSA account. 

To earn the discount of $18.46 per week off of your medical premium:

  • If you (and your covered spouse) don’t use tobacco, indicate that on your PHA  and you will earn a medical premium discount of $18.46/week which will be applied on a go forward basis.
  • If you (or your covered spouse) do use tobacco, complete three tobacco cessation coaching calls with a WebMD health coach and you will earn a medical premium discount of $18.46/week. You can call WebMD at 1-866-762-9940 to schedule your calls. Your discount will apply on a go forward basis once you complete all three calls.
  • If you cover a spouse, he/she must complete these steps too, in order to earn the medical premium discount.

You must complete this step to be eligible for other Wellness Rewards.  Click here to take your PHA. 

Just getting started with WebMD? – Visit www.webmdhealth.com/staples and click “Register” next to the “First Time Here?” box. Your “Employee ID” is your 7-digit Employee Number. (If you need help finding this number,contact HR Services at 1-888-490-4747.)

Your enrolled spouse can also participate by entering your Employee Number plus his/her birth date (MMDDYYYY). So, if your ID is 1234567 and your spouse's date of birth is January 5, 1970, he/she enters 123456701051970. Then, just follow the steps to continue your registration.

When rewards go into your account

Your Wellness Rewards will be deposited in your health account  within 30 days. You can use these dollars to pay for your health care costs during the year.

Remember, if you’re covering your spouse, he/she must also complete the PHA.

Click here for an overview of the Wellness Rewards program and click here to watch a quick video.

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